Municipal Services

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Many of the municipality's services are provided by the town's Public Works or "Operations" Department and include: road and sidewalk construction and maintenance, water service, waste water collection and treatment, storm sewer management, parks and cemetery care and maintenance. 

Water Conservation
The town encourages its citizens to adopt water conservation measures to make the best use of the town's infrastructure. Princeton property owners are subject to water restrictions from May 15 to September 30 annually. Click on the following link for further details: Sprinkling Regulations 

Solid Waste Management
The Town contracts curbside solid waste and recycling collection services for residences and businesses within Princeton town limits.

Regional District Area 'H' property owners are provided domestic garbage bag "tags" that can be affixed to their domestic refuse bags and brought to the landfill located at 171 Princeton-Summerland Road. Garbage tags can be picked up at Princeton Town Hall, 151 Vermilion Avenue there is no cost to these tags for Area 'H' property owners.

Facilities Management
The Public Works Department is also responsible for maintaining the many buildings, facilities and parks owned by the town including the outdoor swimming pool, municipal campground, Princeton Cemetery, Princeton Regional Airport; town works yard and town office.

Airport Maintenance
The town-owned municipal airport operates during daylight hours. The Public Works department provides winter maintenance including the plowing of the runway and apron. For airport operations, contact the the Town of Princeton at 250-295-3135. The airport offers automated fueling services. NavCanada maintains a weather office at the airport.

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